CANARY ISLANDS release new single “Try”

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The Swedish sextet CANARY ISLANDS finally put out their second single from the highly anticipated upcoming album CANARY ISLANDS III. The group formally released songs in their own format called a “3P” which is three songs recorded over a time span of three days, the group likes to release them once a year. The band says the new track “Try” speaks about “PMS and existential anxiety”.

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“Try” is a spiraling track that is intended to make you daydream. CANARY ISLANDS gives us a song that sails, it will distract your attention and let you slip away for a moment into an equable state. The lyrics are a big part of why “Try” is so unique to the listeners. When most of us can relate to the way an artist feels, we start to connect on an emotional level and start to really appreciate the work of an artist. We think CANARY ISLANDS does an excellent job of expressing what some of us cannot.

TRY” lyrics:

Something so real something you feel sit there and cry not knowing why

Wayfarers on

Makeup is gone

”How can you breathe in those skinny jeans?

I don’t care ’bout what it means

I just care ’bout how it feels

I see the loss of everything, it’s in your eyes

I hear the voice of nothingness asking why I try?

Something surreal

Something you feel

Sit there and cry

Not knowing why

Nothing is wrong Lipstick is on

And it travels so fine, From your lips to mine

I try…

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