Catalina “Alvarado”

Joseph Anthony Evans

Jakob Shaw and Eric Poretsky are combined to produce the unique and mellifluous sounds of Catalina. The golden sound that is “Alvarado” makes the listeners free from any disturbances and leaves them completely at peace.

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The two share some words about the writing process for the new single,

When we started Alvarado, we were in New York and had already established a bit of a routine: waking up, making some coffee, working on the track and walking to the ocean. The song was inspired by a kind of colorful homesickness and a feeling of restlessness that never fully resolves.”


Jakob Shaw describes the beginning,

We met in a class at Wesleyan during the fall of our freshman year and started working on our first songs together in Eric’s dorm room. Since then, we’ve been spending our summers in New York and LA, working on our first record, going on long runs, and baking sourdough loaves at each other’s houses.”


The track “Alvarado” flows like the serene sound of water, keeping us in an imperturbable fettle that never leaves us. Eric Poretsky and Jakob Shaw demonstrate the inimitable with the fusion of their gifted techniques and understanding of musical instruments. Shaw speaks about a home in his anxious heart that he can no longer return.

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