COCO BANS brings struggle and positivity to new track ‘Hell Yeah’

The American singer-songwriter, having already collaborated with some of the biggest and most promising artists (Lil Wayne, Julian Perretta, Fakear, Kiddy Smile, Jabberwocky), stormed onto the scene in October 2018 with debut single “Make It Up” and a packed MaMA Festival show in Paris.

Since then, COCO BANS has previewed her upcoming ‘Fantasy and Parables’ EP with anthemic electro-folk single ‘Fighting Feathers’ and now, new track ‘Hell Yeah’.

Drawing closely from personal experience, COCO BANS explains the song:
“I grew up as one of three kids with a single mother. A world of food banks and hand-me-down clothes and the threat of losing all our possessions shaped my perspective. Now I always remember where I come from and that it is not the money that makes us, but the struggle, the determination, the love, the perseverance. This track was born from these values – a cry of praise and joy and appreciation – despite what I’ve been through I’m still here. And I’m grateful to be.”

Sonically, the track blends elements of pop and gospel and layers COCO BANS’ vocals to create an empowering choir of her own. With a steady, organic drum groove and soaring overdriven guitars, the production develops from the previous, electro-folk track ‘Fighting Feathers’ and shows another side to her writing capabilities.

You can catch COCO BANS at Camden Assembly, London on February 26th and supporting Mike Shinoda at the Zenith de Paris on March 9th.