Kane & James – “Thinking of You”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

New Jersey duo unleashes spirited, sun-soaked debut single

Love. It comes, goes, stays forever or just for a day. In approaching any potentially healthy relationship in these modern times, it’s crucial to have that experience to separate rose-colored infatuation from something set up to last.

Clarksburg, NJ-based group Kane & James seems to know that all too well as evidenced by their wistful debut single, “Thinking of You.” The lo-fi, sun-soaked, throwback sound on the track is immediately transportive as the duo goes for a contemplative walk trying to shake something they just can’t.

“Sometimes you can become so devoted to something, that you forget about yourself completely. You’re no longer looking out for number one,” they shared.

Listen to Kane & James’ “Thinking of You” below and look for it everywhere here.