Katy Tiz & Ed Drewett – Life

Katy Tiz & Ed Drewett Share “Life”

Katy’s career started back in England in her teens. She began by making music for her songwriter/producer brother, who soon went on to work with the likes of Charlie Puth, 5SOS and James Arthur.

She soon found herself in L.A recording her first single The Big Bang. This led to support from iHeartRadio naming Katy their “On The Verge” artist after the release of the single, a huge feat for an unsigned musician.

Fast-forward to 2018 and she’s working with Ed Drewett (Olly Murs/ One Direction) on “Life”. It’s an enchanting piece of songwriter-pop, with rhythmic nuances and a contemporary production standard.

Quote from Katy Tiz:
“The funny thing about life is that you just have to trust the timing of it. I’ve finally learned that. We created “Life” four years ago and I have believed in it ever since. “Life” shows a different side to me. I had full on laryngitis when I recorded it, so it’s less polished pop and more of an honest and stripped back track. The verses are reminiscent of an outlaw love, like Bonnie and Clyde. I haven’t actually stolen all my dad’s money, run away, and been locked up in jail (yet), but the hook is something we can all relate to. Everyone has felt that heart wrenching moment when you break up with someone or lose something amazing and you feel like you will have that painful feeling for life. So, I hope you like it and if you don’t, just tell me that you do. Here goes nothing!”