The Beamish Boys & MKJ – Don’t Flatter Yourself (Acoustic)

MKJ & The Beamish Boys share acoustic-pop anthem ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’

The Beamish boys is the collective name for two brother producers from Toowamba, Australia. In their first year of working on music full-time, they’ve amassed a solid fan-base due to their 3 Million + streams across Spotify, working with the likes of Knight Vision, Chill Your Mind, Mr Revills and Czech Vibes Sound.

They’ve also set off on a three month tour of Spain, as well as gracing the main stage at the National Folk Festival in Canberra.

Their latest single sees the brothers take an acoustic route. It’s a new version of their track “Don’t Flatter yourself” that perfectly combines pop appeal with an acoustic production.

“We had a run-in with a particularly unpleasant person in the music industry – who will of course remain nameless – and so writing this song was a very cathartic process for us. Nobody likes to be pushed around and too often artists are taken advantage of. ‘Don’t Flatter Yourself’ is kind of a unifying anthem for all creatives and artists who have ever felt mistreated.” – The Beamish Boys on the inspiration behind the song.