Petrus Nordh "Break in Half"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

From Gothenburg, Sweden resides the unmistakable sound of Petrus Nordh.  Put together with Nordhs erudition, the different types of genres present us with the unheard sound of a rare funk. His new single and Ep titled “Break In Half” is out now, with a collection of songs that explain the hurdles of life and the quest for peace of mind.  Some of Nordhs main influences for the track include D’Angelo, John Mayer, Parliament-Funkadelic, Anderson Paak, Steely Dan and Frank Zappa.

Petrus tells us what the motivation was to write the track,
“I wrote this song because I needed to hear the message myself. I have issues with pressuring myself beyond what’s healthy, to be honest, pressure to create, pressure to be original, pressure to work, to eventually become “successful”, whatever that means in today’s music industry. So I really needed to tell myself to take a break so that I wouldn’t “break in half”. I really hope the song can reach more people struggling with similar issues, sometimes you need someone to tell you: take a break, it’s ok!”
The impassioned earworm “Break in Half” possibly explains one of the most insistent funk rhythms ever heard. A catchy tune indeed as sensible as it may seem, you will not be able to stop your foot from tapping.