Pony in the Pancake – “Waiting For Love”

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NY indie surf-pop band delivers searing, lush new single

Pony in the Pancake is a rising indie surf-pop band from Albany, New York with a knack for warm harmonies and breezy, laid-back melodies. We were big fans of their previous single, the infectious, cheery anthem “Summer Has A Way,” as well as the rollicking follow-up track “No Place For A Flower.” Both songs are set to appear on their forthcoming debut album Summer Sun, which drops in just a couple weeks. Today, Impose is thrilled to premiere that album’s latest single, the enthralling and reverb-soaked gem “Waiting For Love.”

Here, soothing, wondrous vocals float effortlessly over a lush wash of lo-fi guitars and jangly garage-rock rhythms. Vivid lyrics highlight vibes full of longing and intimacy as the hypnotizing soundscapes coalesce and snowball in true surf-pop style: “Under the stars I will be waiting because/ Stay where you are, I will be waiting for love/ For love/ For love…” The track closes on a beautiful instrumental outro that brings it all home in cathartic fashion. Overall, it’s a lush, sweet ballad that has us absolutely stoked for the album.

Summer Sun arrives on September 20 via Five Kill Records, and it promises to be a mesmerizing, spiritual sonic experience. According to the band, cousins Rob (guitars & vocals) and Dan (drums) secluded themselves in dark basements to channel moods of sadness, joy, and death throughout the recording process. “They derive their music directly from The Sun and write all of their songs in the moment of inspiration. They do not think. They celebrate The Sun and out comes Love.” Get psyched by checking out “Waiting For Love” below via Soundcloud.