Rising Artists to Watch in 2024

Sega Bodega, Luh Tyler, Suzy Clue, Crushed & more are poised for a huge year

2024 is already a month old, and we’re ready to forecast the next wave of new-ish bands and artists on the verge of major breakthroughs. Nothing gets us more excited than the potential for a bright future, and we’re thrilled to continue introducing you to great new music from under-the-radar stalwarts and talented, hungry up-and-comers. As usual, we’ve been doing our homework – taking in all the new songs, artists, and trends that have been emerging in this ever-changing, terminally online musical landscape.

From the sweaty metalcore war zone vibes in hole-in-the-wall DIY venues to the cavernous warehouse raves showcasing the next big DJ-producers. From random Bandcamp pages to Rate Your Music forums, teenage SoundCloud wizards to viral TikTok hits, and streaming playlists to backyard house shows, we’ve been scouting out just who we think will be leveling up in 2024 and beyond. Here are the rising acts that could be on the cusp of something truly special.

Apex Predator

Home Base: Seattle, WA

Who Are They? A brutally entertaining band from the Pacific Northwest balancing beatdown hardcore and metalcore via corrosive guitars, careening time signatures, throat-shattering vocal performances, and catchy hooks. One of the most promising bands emerging from the HXC scene and one of the bands that will undoubtedly be lighting it up on tour.

Where To Start? Their explosive debut album Jesus Wept, which just dropped a couple months ago.

For Fans Of: Ingrown, Ego Death, DRAIN, Gulch

Blank Space

Home Base: San Diego, CA

Who Are They? San Diego has always been a beacon of alternative rock, and up-and-comers Blank Space embody the indie and garage-driven pop-punk scene with aplomb. Vets of DIY spaces like the Ché Café, the group is beginning to play bigger shows and fests, including Peachy San Diego, which features headliner acts like Wavves and Destroy Boys. Heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics and swooning instrumentals could have new fans singing along in droves in 2024.

Where To Start: Last year’s Older Now EP is the sort of relatable and rollicking effort that’ll convert plenty of new listeners.

For Fans Of: late night drive home, Moms Cars, Surf Curse, Foxtide


Home Base: Los Angeles, CA

Who Are They? A DIY super-duo comprised of Temple of Angels member Bre Morell and Weekend member Shaun Durkan, who craft gorgeous, propulsive dream pop rendered through buoyant synths and pulsating drum machines. Their music does not linger, but is constantly in motion – hazy, intimate, full of romance and poignancy, but also explosive and climactic when they want to be.

Where To Start: Last year’s stunning debut EP Extra Life is a blissful swirl of dreamy sounds and tangled emotions.

For Fans Of: Strange Ranger, a.s.o., Wild Pink, Temple of Angels

Hannah Grae

Home Base: Port Talbot, Wales

Who Is She? Guitars are definitely making a big comeback in pop music, and rising Welsh artist Hannah Grae looks to be the next big pop-rock star of her generation. Tighly-written pop songs with arena-anthem emo and pop-punk edges, her vocals and lyrics convey a wide array of relatable themes. She’s beginning to break out in the British music scene, can she translate that success stateside?

Where To Start: Her debut mini-album Hell is a Teenage Girl – named after a line from Jennifer’s Body – is absolutely infectious, taking cues from Alanis, Paramore, and other pop-rock greats.

For Fans Of: Olivia Rodrigo, Beabadoobee, Willow, Paramore


Home Base: Hastings, England

Who Are They: English alternative rock trio channeling a myriad of ’90s influences: thrashy DIY punk, grunge, garage rock, and defiant Riot Grrl vibes wrapped into anthemic tracks with catchy singalong choruses. They’re a blast in a live setting, and with several shows and festivals on the horizon, they look primed to release new music this year after a handful of singles and EPs.

Where To Start: Their pair of 2023 EPs: A Thousand Times and Invite Me, Kindly have set them up for continued momentum in 2024.

For Fans Of: Wolf Alice, SPRINTS, Coach Party, Hole

Internet Islands

Home Base: Atlanta, GA

Who Are They? Laid-back, dreamy, languid, and shimmering sounds emanate from the indie rock trio Internet Islands, who have captured the attention of underground rock fans with just a handful of singles under their belt. A full-length release appears to be in the works, which will hopefully continue to conjure their hazy and experimental shoegaze and dream pop, steered by the hypnotically soothing vocals of singer Miyon.

Where To Start: Of their singles, “Passenger” is one of the sweetest songs you’re gonna hear. Throw that on and you’ll be instantly smitten.

For Fans Of: Men I Trust, Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, Tanukichan


Home Base: Unknown

Who Is He? There’s not a whole lot of info out there on the rising DIY-Soundcloud rapper Jtxpo, whose music embodies a jagged mix of cloud rap, plugg and trap. Despite that cloak of anonymity, his musical output has been prolific over the last few years; several EPs and mixtapes, as well as collaborations with other like-minded, noise-pop and hyperpop-influenced rappers like Xaviersobased, Nettspend, and phreshboyswag. Get onboard before he blows up.

Where To Start: The recently released J10xpo EP, full of squiggly bangers, syrupy bars, and foreboding vibes.

For Fans Of: Playboi Carti, Fax Gang, Xaviersobased, Nettspend


Home Base: Orange County, CA

Who Are They? A downcast SoCal trio who have unexpectedly racked up a massive cult following with just one EP and a handful of other singles. Shadowy and static-laced grunge and indie rock is the magical elixir for julie, whose songwriting extends well beyond the members’ young ages. A potential debut album definitely feels on the cards for them in 2024; if and when that drops, I’d expect them to quickly become the new darlings of the indie scene.

Where To Start: Their 2021 EP pushing daisies is a head-turning, fully-realized introduction, nailing the foundation upon which they’ve been building their sound ever since.

For Fans Of: Fleshwater, Whirr, Horsegirl, Momma

The Last Dinner Party

Home Base: London, England

Who Are They? One of the buzziest buzz bands in the game these days, The Last Dinner Party is a five-member indie rock girl group whose music is theatrical, operatic, and little bit horny. Most of their songs simmer at a mid-tempo pace before building to climactic peaks, lending to an absolutely mesmerizing live experience. Artfully-crafted Britpop, with rollicking guitars and indelible vocal harmonies, crafted by a quintet of quirky theatre kids. A bulletproof formula.

Where To Start: Their debut LP Prelude to Ecstasy dropped today. Now, it’s off to the races for them and their bright, budding careers.

For Fans Of: Florence and the Machine, Wet Leg, The Beaches, Fiona Apple

Latin Mafia

Home Base: Mexico City, MX

Who Are They? Already a growing sensation in the Latin music world, Mexico’s LATIN MAFIA are a trio of brothers making gorgeous R&B and pop with the execution of an iconic boy band in the making. But there’s nothing terribly bubblegum about them; rather, their poignantly sad love songs are expressed through nuanced, glistening production, intimate lyrics, and arena-level spectacle. With a set at Coachella on the docket, look for these guys to conquer America next.

Where To Start: Their effervescent breakout single “Julieta” is the most pure, perfect R&B-pop track in their arsenal.

For Fans Of: Danny Ocean, Kevin Kaarl, Humbe, Junior H

Liquid Mike

Home Base: Marquette, MI

Who Are They? Michigan’s Liquid Mike have been kicking around for a few years now, perfectly embodying the journeyman spirit of DIY. They brought in some new fans with the release of last year’s LP S/T, with their emo-infused garage rock and pop-punk touching a relatable nerve, thanks to their catchy hooks, noodling guitar solos, and singalong choruses. With new album Paul Bunyan’s Slingshot coming out today, expect plenty of more acclaim and recognition.

Where To Start: 2022’s A Beer And A Bouquet works as a great entry point, followed by S/T after.

For Fans Of: Hotline TNT, Dazy, Camp Trash, Spiritual Cramp

Luh Tyler

Home Base: Tallahassee, FL

Who Is He? Lately, hip-hop has been a bit starved of new young superstars, but 17-year-old Floridian Luh Tyler looks like he could be the one to break big very soon. He’s racked up a huge following after his viral TikTok hit “Law & Order,” and his gifted lyricism, uniquely moody flow, clever beats, and witty personality have made him one to watch in the future. It’s early days, but he’s already racking up hits and locking down high-profile festival slots. Could he be the future?

Where To Start: Obviously “Law & Order,” which featured him rapping over a beat sampling the show’s theme song, is what put him on the map. But he’s got plenty of other (and better) songs (like “Change My Wayz”).

For Fans Of: Veeze, Babyface Ray, Young Nudy, Gunna


Home Base: San Diego, CA

Who Are They? The San Diego alt-rock scene is alive and well thanks to SANDS, who have emerged from local DIY spaces like the Ché Café and SOMA over the years with tightly crafted tunes and explosive live swagger. They just performed their biggest gig yet – opening for Explosions in the Sky at SOMA to 1300 people, and they put on one hell of a show. With a string of singles and an EP to their name, I think we can expect more new material and big shows in 2024.

Where To Start: Their single “NO FÜN,” released last year, is a beachy garage pop-punk anthem and a total banger.

For Fans Of: Bleached, Wavves, Together Pangea, Bass Drum of Death

Sega Bodega

Home Base: London, England

Who Is He? Highly regarded in his own right, though a bit underrated considering his calibre and output up to this point, Sega Bodega seems primed for a huge 2024. The acclaimed Irish-born experimental electronic/alt-pop producer and singer-songwriter has released two albums to cult-like fanfare, and collaborated with artists like Caroline Polachek, Björk, and Shygirl. The stage is set for a true breakout moment, with the release of his untitled third album, a tour, and festival appearances to follow this year.

Where To Start: “Deer Teeth,” the latest single off his forthcoming LP, is a majestically dark entry point with its ominous soundscapes and hypnotizing vocals. Get used to hearing Sega Bodega’s name everywhere.

For Fans Of: SOPHIE, Eartheater, Shygirl, Arca

Snow Strippers

Home Base: Detroit, MI

Who Are They? The spirit of indie sleaze is back with Surf Gang Records artist Snow Strippers, a shady and seductive singer-producer duo who conjure a hyperactive blend of witch house, noise pop, and electroclash. They’ve been lighting up internet music spheres over the last couple years and already had a huge 2023 with the release of a handful of EPs and mixtapes, but something seems to really be brewing momentum-wise for them right now. Perhaps a new album in the works to crossover into the mainstream? I’d bet on it.

Where To Start: Their 2022 debut LP The Snow Strippers was a cult hit upon release, landing on Rate Your Music’s Top 40 highest-rated albums list of that year.

For Fans Of: Crystal Castles, Salem, Brutalismus 3000, Black Dresses

Suzy Clue

Home Base: New York, NY & London, England

Who Is She? Splitting her time between NYC and London, Suzy Clue is an emerging singer-songwriter exploring shoegaze and grunge layers with plenty of lyrical heartbreak and sensuality. She’s released just one single to date, but has performed and toured with other bands and artists including alt-pop musician Viji. Now she’s looking to step into the spotlight with more songs and performances on the horizon.

Where To Start: Her debut single “Remember Me” is a haunting song about romantic loss and heartbreak, with incendiary bass and guitars tones simmering and exploding in hypnotic ways.

For Fans Of: Fleshwater, Cryogeyser, Francis of Delirium, Cherry Glazerr

Swank Mami

Home Base: Oslo, Norway

Who Is She? Scandanavian countries continue to produce artists with insanely catchy and forward-thinking beats. Swank Mami is an absolute dream of an alt-pop/R&B up-and-comer, with a knack for infectious left-of-center ethereal ballads and a unique voice that’s able to convey a poignant range of emotions. Angular new age synths with celestial tones form the perfect foundation for her soothing voice and turbulent lyrics. An alt-R&B star in the making.

Where To Start: The sweetly ballad “I Saw U” conveys her melodic touch, vocal prowess, and eye for ambitious visuals with its dreamy, motorized action sports music video.

For Fans Of: FKA twigs, Kelela, BAMBII, Yaeji

Sweet Pill

Home Base: Philadelphia, PA

Who Are They? Pop Punk, emo, and garage rock outfit from Philly with plenty of rollicking instrumentals, heart-stopping lyrics and soaring choruses. They’ve quickly become one of the stalwarts of the latest emo wave, and their momentum will definitely continue to build when they release their new EP Starchild on March 15 via Hopeless Records. By the sounds of the first two tracks so far released, expect more shredding power chords and singalong moments.

Where To Start: Their 2022 debut album Where the Heart Is is a recent scene staple and got them to this point of hype. Awesome record.

For Fans Of: Pool Kids, Sincere Engineer, Origami Angel, Mannequin Pussy


Home Base: London, England

Where To Start: Despite still being a teenager, the anonymous producer TURQUIOSEDEATH is basically a veteran of the electronic scene, having already released five full-length albums – including Se Bueno, one of our Top 50 Albums of 2023. But TURQ-DEATH’s star is still clearly on the rise thanks to their inventive, game-changing take on jungle and drum n’ bass that heavily incorporates elements of shoegaze, dream pop, and post rock. Imagine Sigur Rós crescendos backed by pulsating amen breaks.

Where To Start: As previously mentioned, Se Bueno is a futuristic, forward-thinking masterpiece that suggests a level of talent well beyond their years. Their future is very, very bright.

For Fans Of: Sewerslvt, Asian Glow, Yung Lain, DreamWeaver


Home Base: New York, NY

Who Is He? One of the leaders of a young pack of terminally-online hyperpop and noise-pop rappers lighting up the internet’s DIY hip hop underground. Xaviersobased’s harshly twinkling cloud rap and plugg beats sound like the next evolution of HEXD, and his heady stream-of-consciousness flow is as hypnotizing as it is off-kilter. Major publications seem to be catching on to him, and I’d expect him to break out well beyond his feverish cult following in no time.

Where To Start: His latest album Keep It Goin Xav just scored a Best New Music stamp from Pitchfork, a seemingly out-of-nowhere but well deserved recognition that should lead to more exposure.

For Fans Of: Nettspend, Drain Gang, Fax Gang, phreshboyswag