Taff "A Million Waves" Exclusive Premiere

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Music is such a powerful and emotional subject. It isn’t often when we find a song we can relate with that elicits old memories. Taff establishes that powerful feeling in his second single “A Million Waves”. The man behind the project is George Tsiroiannis, a greek film editor and director. Born in Athens, Greece he grew up being drawn to melodies starting at a young age, from there he began to teach himself how to play many instruments. At the age of 20, George got involved in the electronic music production side of things, with influenced acts such as the xx, iamamiwhoami, Moderat, Röyksopp.

Taff kicked off in 2016, where he started sampling his own beats and pairing his own unique vocals together with synthesizer sounds. George does all the production work himself in a place he likes to call ” Living room studio” which is a pretty basic setup that consists of a few instruments and a microphone. In this studio came a track that was released during the summer time called “Before It’s Too Late” which was then soon discovered by various bloggers and featured playlists.
“A Million Waves” is a fascinating piece of work that gifts us with imagery and emotion. His synthesizer work is a gateway for seeing things through George Tsiroiannis eyes. You won’t need to physically see or feel anything as Taff can show you through listening to his music.