Small Leaks Sink Ships presents Dear John Connor

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Small Leaks Sink Ships is a four-part surrealistic-pop group currently surviving in Portland, OR. The masterminds behind the instruments are London Truck Rooy, Judd Hancock, Jim Mandel, and Ryan Garner.  They combine synthetic examples and beats from scratch with the natural electric power of acoustic equipment lead by the duo of particular vocalists creating a complex and unique audio. Small Leaks has endured their fair share of obstructions over time with a near-fatal bike accident in 2010 with the member, Ryan Garner followed by a cancer examination in 2011 with member Judd Hancock. Through perseverance and natural stubbornness, the band managed to keep beside one another through both recoveries providing two Full-Length albums and a 5 track EP. Now, the quartet endeavours out to create their 4th instalment, “Golden Calf” established to be released by the end of summer 2017 on Lefse Records.

Small Leaks Sink Ships presents Dear John Connor. The track is a ballad that brilliantly speaks about people who choose not to understand things and are not bothered when they don’t. It speaks about being the only one in the world who notices whats happening in the society we live in, but in the end, we end up defenceless just like everyone else.