The American Buffalo, “Feverish”

Joseph Anthony Evans

Photo by Matt Gill

From Dayton, OH comes the art project The American Buffalo. Now residing in Nashville, TN the group is working hard to put out some new music. Recently released is the single “Feverish”, A unique tune that teases their first full-length album named “Reflections” which is set to release sometime in 2018.


Singer/songwriter Josh Edward speaks with us and recounts the writing process for “Feverish”,

“I think when I wrote this song I was listening to a lot of Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Neil Young, David Bowie, etc. Probably a lot of other stuff, but those are the first names that come to mind. I was 18, still in college studying literature at the time. It wasn’t a very good period in my life for several reasons which I’d rather not get into. I knew college and a traditional career wasn’t for me. I thought briefly that I might become a fiction writer (I actually still write fiction occasionally), but being a singer-songwriter seemed a little bit easier and more fun for me. So, I had to try it out. See if I was good enough to justify leaving school. I had only written a handful of songs before, and none of them were terribly good. So I worked hard at it, humming melodies to myself in between classes and whatnot. It was kind of what I imagine trying to solve a difficult equation must be like. Not a very emotional process. In fact, the songwriting was actually more like a reprieve from the tension and turmoil I had been feeling in the rest of my life. I think Leonard Cohen once described it as a state of grace. Anyway, the lyrics just sort of walked out. I didn’t think much about what I was writing. I just kind of found whatever sounded nice with the melody. And this song was the result.”

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