The Seeds You Sow – “High Horse”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

New York gothic folk outfit drops dramatic new single

The Seeds You Sow describes their innovative sound as “gothic folk.” In their first release ever, the New York based group stay true to that description. “High Horse” is a simple track, relying mainly on just guitar, bass, and vocals. With the same dark baseline and airy guitar line carrying through the song, “High Horse” maintains a spooky, folk sound.

Although the lyrical meaning of “High Horse” can be interpreted in many ways, a central theme of the song is acquiring and keeping power: “You got a pretty little high horse there, I wonder if I can knock it down?”…”I bet that you’d look so good on the ground.”…“I clawed my way up to the thrown, I clawed and now I won’t let go,” they sing.

With a unique folk style and innovative lyricism, The Seeds You Sow is bound for success. “High Horse,” the first track from their upcoming debut EP, has introduced the band’s sound to the music world.

Stream “High Horse” Here: