PREMIERE: Madeleine Mayi – “Towards You” video

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LA indie-pop songstress stuns with new video for bone-chilling single

Los Angeles-based indie pop songstress Madeleine Mayi has been gently rolling out her red carpet in the past two years with her two excellent EPs, 2017’s Just the Six of Us and last year’s “shy”, as well as thrilling live performances on some of YouTube’s most notable live music series such as Jam in the Van and Sofar Sounds. And with such a booming voice and intimate, no-frills brand of indie pop, she’s certainly caught our attention. That brings us to her brand new music video for her bone-chilling single, “Towards You,” which we are proud to premiere.

“Towards You” finds Madeleine Mayi alone with cavernous guitar starts and stops while her voice endlessly climbs through each crack with gradual urgency, breaking out into the light of day. The overall feel of this track is akin to walking through the rain after forgetting an umbrella, but finding yourself indifferent to the soaked state of your clothes because your mind is elsewhere. It’s a reverbed-out one-woman show that, in Mayi’s own words, “speaks about a relationship that involves love, but not healthy love. It is not meant to be a negative song; it is the last bittersweet goodbye between two people who have shared a lot of life together. Whether that be a friend or a lover, that is up to the listener.” Her new music video stunningly encapsulates this as Mayi runs off into the night following a relationship-ending fight, only to find her serenading an empty LA parking garage with just a plugged-in guitar and her impassioned voice. The video, directed by Nina Kramer of the dynamic all-women filmmaking collective Yas Queen Films, showcases a more somber and tender side of Mayi than her past work. Through a polished cinematic lens, Mayi’s capabilities seem boundless.

“Towards You” is the final track off Mayi’s last EP “shy”, and while the song and EP were originally released back in November of 2018, the video clip premiering today feels as fresh and transformative as a new season. It’s being released in conjunction with several career milestones for Mayi, including embarking on her first extensive U.S. tour as well as her first round of international shows (you can find her U.S. tour dates on her website HERE), all while concurrently writing her debut LP – to be released in Spring 2020. This music video is a powerful sendoff from the preliminary phase of Madeleine Mayi’s artistry – her two introductory EPs and local shows – to her bold-lettered introduction to the world. Watch it below.