Track x Track: The Skullers – Meet The Skullers EP

You wouldn’t know it by looking at the above image, but the NJ-based trio The Skullers are musicians dabbling in elements of alt, blues and all things righteous rock wise beyond their years. Their debut EP, Meet The Skullers, is out today and to celebrate we had the band’s titular Jack Skuller (lead vox, guitar) break it all down for us in his own words.
Stream The Skullers’ Meet The Skullers EP while checking out their track by track breakdown below and be sure to follow them here for more.

“Meet Me In Memphis”
“Before I started The Skullers I recorded a holiday single at Sun Studio in Memphis. You can feel an energy at Sun, riding an adrenaline rush while standing on Elvis’ famous ‘X’ tape mark on the floor. I felt free and put that energy into ‘Meet Me In Memphis.’”
“Pressure Face”
When I was 14, I used to implement this kind of rhythmic feel when I interpreted Eddie Cochran songs. “‘Pressure Face’ has been a fan favorite at shows so it was the obvious choice for our first video.
“Eyes Open”
Legendary guitarist Carlos Alomar showed me a cool old blues tuning on the guitar that I had never heard before, and I immediately knew I had to write a song with it. I could play the intro to this song nonstop for days if I had to.
“Peace With You”
Couldn’t fight the snake that was in her head, man. Now I’m gonna shout that from a mountaintop.
“One Foot In The Grave”
Some friends just know how to give you that extra push to keep going – I felt like it was about time I push back a little.