Tree Machines "Up For Air" Exclusive Premiere

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Tree Machines, Originated in Lawrence, Kansas and recently moved out to Los Angeles and spent eight months building themselves a haven. Not for the security of the conventional kind, but a space to release and put out their words. There Douglas Wooldridge (vocalist, lyricist), bandmate Patrick Aubry, and producer Mike Giffin (all three contribute to the various instrumentation and music) spent two years crafting the upcoming album “Up for Air” which is scheduled for release on September 22nd, 2017.
Wooldridge explains, “Some of this album deals with loneliness and the feeling of being in a wholly unfamiliar place. We were trying to figure out what we’re doing out here on the West Coast and if we can even keep our heads above water long enough to keep going, even if it’s only for one more day.”
The new single “Up For Air” presents a new sound to its listeners. Pleasant for all ears to hear because of the catchy melody and the satisfying rhythmic patterns. You can hear the band experimenting with folk electronics along with infusing pop into their indie-rock sound. The group will be having a record release show event on October 20 at Record Bar in Kansas City, MO.