Exclusive Premiere – Emme Presents Standalone Single "Techie"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

The Texan Synth pop duo Emme is the brain child project created by Sowmya Somnath and Walter Nichols. Formed in 2016 after years of friendship and late night jam sessions, they have successfully infused and balanced their engineering capabilities together to create the perfect weapon. The outcome of this doublet is truly an incomparable sensation of sound. Symmetry is a constant source of inspiration for the band. The name is a nudge to mathematician and physicist Emmy Noether, whose eponymous 1915 theorem brought natural balances and mathematics together in a way no one had yet to do.

The combination talks about their new single, “Techie throws a punch at modern romance. We crave spontaneity at our fingertips, but we are insatiable. Even an alluring world of infinite choice puts us into the dull loop of monotony. This makes us sad, so we wrote a song with an extended dance break to cure the blues.”
“Techie” is a listening experience, with crisp electric signals that put us in a deep emotional soundscape, the music sends us into an algorithmic spiral. Somanthas serene voice pairs very well with Nichols creation on the synthesizer. Experiencing Emme live is said to be compared to “standing inside of a gemstone.”
Photo credits: Jessamyn McTwigan