IDK, "Baby Scales"

Post Author: Andre G

DMV area rapper IDK has had a busy 2017. He dropped the “Jay” from his name, and went on the road for over 50 dates with Isaiah Rashad. Even while building a fanbase on tour –and getting his “OMW” track picked up on HBO’s Insecure, he still had time to create. He partnered with Adult Swim for his next project, which is a self-produced video series – and soundtrack to go with it.
Each track will correspond with an episode of the series, set to be be released in September. Today, IDK released the first single from the Adult Swim Single Series partnership, the boastful “Baby Scales.” IDK immediately lays his cards on the table, decreeing himself “the conscious n—- who can teach on trap” and championing his status “in a race with your major label signees” off the strength of his indie grind and a refreshing take on trap he deemed Subtrap.
IDK pushes the creative bounds with each project he releases, and it’ll be fun to see what comes of the Adult Swim partnership.
You can stream “Baby Scales” here.