Week in Pop: Louise Lemón, TOMKAT, Weird Bloom

Sjimon Gompers

The vocal pop arts, passions & fashions of Louise Lemón; photographed by Sophie Winberg Tyrfelt.

Louise Lemón

Louise Lemón’s ethereal & atmospheric vocal pop; photographed by Sophie Winberg Tyrfelt.

Louise Lemón recently released the Malex EP through Icons Creating Evil Art produced by Randall Dunn (known for work with Marissa Nadler, Sunn O))), Thurston Moore, and so forth) where vocals & echoes blend harmonies that illustrate the psychic distance between separate parties of hearts & spirits. The follow up to the Purge from earlier this year finds Lemón entering into revelatory realms of decive narratives & arrangements that are delivered between the sophisticated sense of both the intricate & minimal economies that express a variety of suave vocal pop avenues. Presenting the world premiere viewing of the Tailor Hill Acoustic Session for “Malex”, we are transported to an old eighteenth century barn in Tailor Hill, Dalarna where we are treated to a harmonic rendering that elevates the song to new atmospheric levels of being. In Louise’s own words on the song & session:

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We decided to make an intimate live version with choir and the voices blend magically.

Lemon offered further introductory insights regarding the new single:

“Malex” is about revelation, making new choices and not looking back. As Frida Kahlo put it, Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.

The acoustic barn performance for Louise Lemón’s “Malex” is captured in presence & candle lit resonance via Magnificent Beast, comissioner Carl-Marcus Gidlöf, with production & keys supplied by Anders Ludwigsson & the ambient cloud coasting choir of Josephine Gunnebro & Evelina Sjöquist with sound tech supplied by Mikael Ludwigsson. Synth pop & trad forms of balladry are met in a mesh of rural chamber pop exhibited in a farm formed cathedral of acoustic cadences where every note sung by Lemón bounces & often blends with the backing vocals & key compositions that all are cast in a growing amtospheric presence of a foggy, paranormal like force that haunts with a tapered candle wax type of warmth. Harmonies takeover the entire song as the interwoven vocals from Louise, Josephine & Evelina encircle the entirety of the glowing keys & sparse, murmuring production that causes the entire gestalt of the song to glow like a gathering of fireflies providing a hum of light in the midnight hour to brighten the countryside. The motions of moving onward & forward from the original are heard like a reprise of the studio version as the Tailor Hill acoustic session opens the song up to new creative areas of mediums, new personal discoveries, realizations that accentuate the resolve with the intricate & elusive evolutions of the heart & soul.

Sounds & vocal pop styles by Louise Lemón; photographed by Sophie Winberg Tyrfelt.

Louise Lemón penned the further following reflections on the “Malex” Tailor Hill acoustic session:

We recorded in an old barn from the 18th century and I really think you can feel the presence of that. That kind of old wood preserves a feeling and no doubt that makes an imprint on the recording. It was really nice to be able to work with Evelina Sjöquist and Josephine Gunnebro who is singing with me. It was the first time we met the day of the recording, but they were so warm hearted and our voices melted together, it was a blessing.

Louise Lemón’s Malex EP is available now via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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