Week in Pop: Louise Lemón, TOMKAT, Weird Bloom

Sjimon Gompers

The vocal pop arts, passions & fashions of Louise Lemón; photographed by Sophie Winberg Tyrfelt.

Weird Bloom

The wonderful, wired & weird world of Weird Bloom; photographed by Matteo Casilli, make-up by Elena.

Descending from the mythical Eternal City of Rome, Italy—Weird Bloom, fka Weird Black, present the creative psych-inspired visuals for the mystical world premiere of the “Guardian of the Men” video that pairs visuals of far-out hippy baptismals set to a Sgt. Peppers-esque lo-fi odyssey of pure audio adventurism. Featured off their anticipated upcoming album Blisstonia available later this October via We Were Never Being Boring (oka WWNBB); Luca di Cataldo & Matteo Caminoli conjuour up their own self-professed parallel reality colored by mystic visions that is told through ecstatic sounds & visions that feel as if they were dreamt up from a fictitious, fanciful fairy-tale sorcerer.

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The visuals from Massimo Scoponi capture Weird Bloom enjoying a day out in the ancient outskirts of Rome to partake in their own self-styled strange pagan rituals. What for some would have been a barbecue & beers outing on the river becomes something of transcendent performance piece where “Guardian of the Men” emerges in audio form like some sort of ancient entity that perhaps once stood at Rome’s gates during the imperial era of Claudius & even well before the beginning of empirical rule. Attention to insects & the motion of running tributaries bathed in analog splashes of vivid light, effects & animation set the natural stage of elements for Weird Bloom to get real weird. From attire inspired by cartoon wizards & everything involving 1960s counterculture media (film, music, television, art, etc) is paid tribute from outfits that become psychedelicized via flashy effects to electrified environments that will mesmerize your mind in front of your very ears & eyes. The band embarks upon something of a magical waterfall & spring-well from which the supernatural intervenes through a host of effects that pay tribute to Italo masters of film & leagues of lesser known celluloid heroes.

Weird Bloom penned the following introductory preface paragraph reflecting on the bliss that inspired the song “Guardian of the Men” & it’s accompanied psyched-out visuals:

I’m interested in writing and composing weird stuff. Can’t say if there was a precise bliss that has inspired me during the making of “Guardian Of The Men”. I was definitely into Italian 80s cartoons, television themes and that was the trigger. Started writing lyrics without the concern of exposing a precise point of view. Just tried to build some surrealistic images blending sentences (sometimes randomly) and making a new path out of common words. Don’t know if that happened. Once I had those lyrics I started the recording of two complementary vocal tracks passing through a microtube amplifier for chorus and reverb. They were not completely in tune—well, they aren’t yet—but I’ve thought that they could work so I’ve spent 5/6 days with the guys for keyboards (trumpets and flutes) parts, backing vocals, drums, bass and guitars. I like keyboards arrangements and the 60s sound of the guitar solo recorded by Diego Magnani. Drums parts are nice as well. The music video is consequence of a shooting day in that beautiful Jurassic place we have found close to Rome. Rome…it’s where we live. We hadn’t a real plot. Just an idea of the style overall. We had a big fun filming the scenes with the video maker, whose another weirdo with an amazing weird taste named Massimo Scoponi. He’s a friend of us and talented musician. River water is cold and stones are sharp. Can’t really say if this is psychedelic. I was born in 1986 and I have no personal experiences of the summer of 68. Have never tasted LSD as well. Wanna be a weirdo if possible.

Entering the wild with Weird Bloom; press photo courtesy of the band.

Weird Bloom’s reflections about the making of the album Blisstonia:

Blisstonia was a big effort! Our first album Hy Brazil was recorded in 10 days as a lo-fi and lo-budget experiment. This time was different. We started to walk on a different path – I’m still on that path – made of chords and pop’s structures (very hard to manage with). I had this idea of filling songs with melodies and parts taken from fairy tales and goofy cartoon tv themes and also wanted a modern result and coherence with the first album. The strong thread of our songs is always the same but a new language was necessary on the instrumental side. Matteo (drummer) was very helpful for lyrics and backing vocals and I got the help of other friends musicians during the recordings. We had to re-build our studio to develop these tracks. I’m looking forward to know the opinion of the people. I bet on a new route without saving any energies I had putting everything myself and I want to say thanks to WWNBB in the person of Samuele Palazzi for letting me free to express myself in every way, everyday. Die is drawn. Let’s wait and see.

Weird Bloom’s forthcoming album Blisstonia will be available later this October through We Were Never Being Boring.

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