Week in Pop: Certain Futures, Glitter Veils, Lawn Care

Sjimon Gompers

The rise of Australian duo Glitter Veils, from left, Luke Zahnleiter & Michael Whitney; photographed by Savvy Creative.

Week in Pop

Introducing Section, oka Danny Belgrad; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Danny Belgrad is Section who brings us a first debut listen to “Prysygram” that moves with a bombast & economic application of electronic synth usage. Currently enrolled at Yale University, Belgrad specializes in a sound that plays with the interplay & places where films & video games compliment & intersect one another via their respective intricacies of mediums. “Prysygram” is also a succinct & well programmed synthesis of translating manifestations of CGI through smart sequencing that is set to start tomorrow’s soundtrack themes & more.

Canada by way of LA’s Elodie Tomlinson & Bryan Osuszek are Sibling who offered us a bit of escapist vibes, synths & beats with “Knights” that takes off into the evening in the interest of excitement & adventure. Elodie offered up the following insightful introduction to their new track:

Sometimes people suck, things feel out of control and you just want to escape life for a night. That’s what this song’s about. I wrote the lyrics during what felt like one of the longest weeks ever, when I just wanted to check out and have a good time.

LA’s MAP provided a listen to the serene single “Skills To Rebuild” featured off their recently released Hello Singularity (Writer’s Block Part One) EP via Velvet Blue Music. The feeling of utter abandon in the fade of technocratic takeovers are heard like the feeling of diving & descending into emerald blue lakes of musical summer bliss.

The Knocks & Skylar Spence present the Amelia Airhorn NYC ode mix that drops 18 tracks to help ease you into the season of sun soaked sensation. Throwback rhythms, beats, blues & more are meshed together in a cassette clutch boom box that is bumping & melting beneath the UV rays.

Black Mekon poured out some “Salt Liquor” that is full of the piss, vinegar, blood, snot & a whole lotta that rock & roll that you swear nobody makes anymore. Found off the new album One In The Hate available August 25 from PNKSLM, brash attitudes rage with amplifiers set to turbine levels of heightened decibels.

Sälen from London brought some big brash & outright aggressive maximalis pop “So Rude” that aligns lyrics about uncouth behaviors with ultra-electro pop arrangements. Synths & beats bubble about the artist’s tale of showing up rude dudes in something to play on repeat all summer long.

Berlin by Prague artist Melis provided the electric floral pop of “Flower” featured off the forthcoming Parallels EP. Understated vocals & rhythms collect in time with keys chord fragrances that percolate in an ambient garden suite of intimate expressions that progressively get shinier as the song progresses.

San Jose rising star Anja Kotar recently released her debut album NOMAD & shared the following single “How To Be Cool” that offers up a snazzy lesson on the art of style. The big beat is busted out with a whole lotta sassy synths that will instruct the legions of the clueless to get a hint.

Brazil by way of Bergen, Norway artist Lucas de Almeida makes music as Living just gifted the world with the beauty of “Path” available today from Brilliance Records. Like the chosen title of life lived in the active sense, Living illustrates unbound expressions of how amazing & incredible the thrill of being alive in the world truly is.

Drop The Gun, oka Denmark wonder DJ Sara Savery, presents the “All I Want” video featured off the just released self-titled EP from Fan Out Records. The Tobias Wilner & Jesper Bolther combines captions of Sara’s lyrics with meditation moments spent soaking in natural springs to gazing with fondness forward at the camera lens (all the while set to the percolating pulses of restrained electronic rhythms).

French duo Her offered a view of the sentimental Liswaya video for “Blossom Roses” that takes the sweetest rhythms & blues to the edges of the world where the seas meet in congress with land like sublimely held hands.

New Jersey’s own Blood Cultures busted out some hypnotic goodness with their shining lunar set single “Moon” featured off the forthcoming debut album Happy Birthday available July 21. The feeling of gazing at a full moon during a late nocturne is heard amid the compendium of percussion & robust synths that sets the entire song in motion.

For those that missed it the first time around, re-introduce yourself to Eric Lau’s Examples that will remind you why this is one of the most sought after producers in the game. The London artist offers up a variety of audio fabrics that point toward the progressions & paradigms where the future of music might be headed.

From their forthcoming album Evergreen, Hoyle offered up a listen to their electro-ambient track “power” ft. Jon Santana that pushes toward a higher level of consciousness & conversation. Poetics & metaphysical musical waves mesh together like elements of water & earth along with worlds both the material & immaterial.

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