Week in Pop: Certain Futures, Glitter Veils, Lawn Care

Sjimon Gompers

The rise of Australian duo Glitter Veils, from left, Luke Zahnleiter & Michael Whitney; photographed by Savvy Creative.

Don Mykel

The return of Don Mykel; press photo courtesy of Stacks Photography.

Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” might rule forever supreme but we want to introduce you proper today to Harlem emcee Don Mykel with his tight break out track “Return Of The Don” that rolls with the fanfare of a new boss entertaining vintage rap game steez banking vaults with that new money style. Featuring production from Blue Magic, Mykel mixes his classic meets new in a cocktail that will bring generations together arm & arm and listening for what mic masters might be next.

Don rolls back into the frame with Blue Magic bringing the old school meets new street beat on “Return” as Mykel spills new bars of benediction & blessings for all back home & elsewhere. Following up G.O.D. Mykel: The Last Martyr with the upcoming INFINITE EP available TBD; the Don takes matters back uptown with stories about rival crews & the rowdiest schools that illustrates paradigms of motion picture living that operates off the script & off point with a cool & collected mode of unbreakable confidence. Magic keeps the homecoming party vibe lit, while Don Mykel recollects narratives of where he’s been, where he’s returning to with some hat tipped hints at what’s next.

Don Mykel offered us the following exclusive introduction for “Return of the Don”:

“Return of the Don” is about my return to the mindset of by any means necessary. Through all adversity and opposition I will lead the cultural revolution to prosperity.

You can expect pain, hunger and thought provoking perspectives from my upcoming project. It’s a journey into my current mindset.

You can expect the “Return of the Don” visuals to show me find comfortability outside my element.

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