Welfare “Sadie”

Joseph Anthony Evans

From the Welsh Marches, in the UK, musical maven Pat Whelan presents us with a slow opera “Sadie” off of the EP titled “Silent Other” Welfare’s fourth release as of November 27th, 2017. As BBC 6 Music’s Gideon Coe calls it “Absolutely Beautiful” along with BBC Radio Wales’ Adam Walters says its “Totally transfixing”.


Impose asks Whelan about what the inspiration was behind “Sadie”,

“I think there’s often an assumption with ballads that they’re love songs – sometimes its just comfort though.  I used to work in a horrible place by the river.  “Sadie” is a duet between me & a bird that used to come & sit with me while I had lunch nearby.  Every day the bird would be there.  I knew it was the same bird, a pied wagtail, as it had one leg  & wouldn’t even look at my cucumber sandwiches.  Anyway, I was totally miserable at work & used to look forward to being comforted by my little friend.  The bridges & the second verse is the bird (Sadie), the rest is me.”

The Subliminal tune “Sadie” is an alluring anecdote sung with curiosity and some uneasiness. A poem indeed perfectly elucidated by the soothing vocals from Pat Whelan and the inspiration from the company of a relatable companion. Certainly, this track will make others appreciate a much smaller picture in a lifetime. Stream the full EP Here.


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