Day 4, getting filled by the seed of Ricky Reed

Post Author: Jenz

It’s not a secret I have an immeasurable penchant and
adoration for Wallpaper, and it’s because of banter gems like this in between
songs: “I don’t know about you, but where I’m from, I subscribe to the school
of getting fucked up in the backseat of a minivan. I hope you did that too
before you came to the show.”

One part circus act, one part stand-up comedy, and all
musical funk, Oakland’s duo of singer Ricky Reed and drummer Arjun Singh (who
Reed affectionately refers to as Morgan Freeman, for whatever reason) have had
a chance to hone their skills as musicians. The two first made their debut at
the Noise Pop festival in 2008, and in two years have
sharpened their live set to showcase both their musical talents and dirty
humor. This was made most evident as Reed introduced new song “Chew It” to the audience,
proclaiming it a love ballad about romantic dates and relationships
in addition to more intimate activities. “This song is about eating a girl out,”
he admitted before resuming his responsibilities on vocals, the entire front
section of the audience half-appalled, half-amused by the confession. For “It’s
My Birthday,” Reed revealed his inspiration for the song: when you go out for your
big day and get “birthday fucks” (“It’s my birthday! We gots to fuck! You OWE

In between talking shit about Kim Kardashian, proclaiming
the Bay Area

We miss the gold sequined gloves, though