California highway

Meet Sam, he was our roommate turned tour manager on our West coast tour. He’s really excited about how full his minivan is for a 16 day trip!

Our first show was in West Texas…home to many friendly reptiles. Unfortunately, no rattlesnakes attended our show in Marfa.

In Marfa, Texas they let dogs drink at the bar! Outrageous desert customs!

They treat you right in Marfa, and by that I mean they get you drunk in Marfa. Here’s one of Will looking pretty busted at the house we stayed at sippin’ a bud in 20° weather.

Lil’ band shot that Sam snapped of us in West Texas.

Random street art we found in Phoenix, AZ (our second stop on the tour).

Happy brunchin’!

Right after we crossed the state line into California.

Getting sweaty at Ham & Eggs Tavern in LA.

We found a syringe somebody lost (forgot?) outside of the venue and took it as a lucky souvenir!

We were surprised to see our friend Jill from Gal Pals behind the bar at Ham & Eggs! They recently moved to LA from Austin.

“Up on the roof” – playing a shed on top of a tall hill in Echo Park at a house party. How we got this show is kind of a long story, but the guy who built the shed was super stoked and had always envisioned his shed as a stage.  The neighbors were pretty pissed.

Straight roofin’

The guy who owned the shed/house at that party also collected weird masks…

At some point in the night, we let our friends Corey and Phil from Terry Malts take over the camera

Our camera had excellent auto focus!!!

Corey from Terry Malts lost a bet over who had more belly button lint, so he gave us his ring finger.. Thanks Corey!!!

This was our view from the roof at that party. After about ten Tecates, this is pretty much how it looked.

Will & Andrew with our homie/manager Jack Tuggle!

Andrew and Jack Thornton were both very lonely on the tour….but not for long…love shack baby!

Andrew and Jack Thornton found solace in the accepting and friendly community in Olympia, Washington. They know how to party!

Jack found some Dad’s Root Beer. We don’t have Dad’s in Texas.

None of us remember this photo! This guy looks nice though!!

Sam forgot that he super glued his backpack to his sweater! What a dummy!

Our drummer Marcus takes great pride in his tour traditions, and leaving a bowl of chili near his person for guests or visitors to eat and watch him sleep is among the most important!

You can sleep but you can’t hide…

Gotchya buddy!

Auto-focus wins again! Hi Sleater-Kinney! We didn’t know you were a place and a band!

Other worldly Washington.

Marcus holds on for dear life while Andrew takes a shot at driving and photographing simultaneously!

The cornerstone of every meal and smoke break on tour; the gas station.

Sam, our tour manager, really hated it when we ate Corn Nuts from the gas station.

Headed to Boise, Idaho in the snow made us pretty sleepy.

Diabolical Records in SLC – this place ruled!!!

Mountain range we saw on our drive from Salt Lake City to Denver on our way home.Wi

Diabolical Records let us leave a little art on their wall!

Mountain range we saw on our drive from Salt Lake City to Denver on our way home.

Will getting gas station coffee in front of beautiful scenery.

On a bathroom break in snowy Colorado.

The view for most of the tour…open road.


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