Carly Sioux

Carly Sioux is a provocateur with a camera. Instinctually capturing moments of intimacy and spontaneity, she is able to present the raw essence of the dance between humans and the environments they so vividly inhabit.

Carly Sioux's Posts

Shilpa Ray at Pianos

"It's All Self Fellatio" is a grand name for a record.

The Loom, FANGS and MEMS at Union Pool

Photos of The Loom, FANGS and MEMS performing at Union Pool on 1/24.

Arto Lindsay Noise Quartet, PC Worship, and Mr Transylvania at Death by Audio

Death by Audio started last week with a high caliber show.

Slim Twig, Home Comfort and Zacht Automaat at Silent Barn

Slim Twig performs among a backdrop of balloons at Brooklyn's Silent Barn.

Survival of the Fittest gallery opening at P339 Gallery

Exploring natural selection with life size sculptures and paintings at P339 Gallery.

NewSonic Halloween Party at Greenpoint Gallery

Celebrating Halloween on the first Saturday of November with NewSonic.

In the Studio with The Loom and Kevin McMahon

Following The Loom upstate to Marcata Recordings in the seclusion of New Paltz.

Madam Robot and the Lust Brigade and The Juggs at Coco66

Spending All Hallows' Eve in the back room of Coco66.

Shilpa Ray at The Paper Box

Photos from a late September performance by Shilpa Ray.

Killer Bob and The Netherlands at Silent Barn

We're guessing that Killer Bob contains at least one "Twin Peaks" fan.

Torres, Jay Arner, Shelby Earl, and Spaceships at Pete's Candy Store

CMJ brings us great concerts for free. This was one of them.

MEMs (3) and Star Rover at The Bowery Electric

MEMs takes shape at The Bowery Electric with brand new musicians.

Golden Suits and The Loom at Union Pool

Golden Suits is Fred Nicolaus and friends, by the way.

Caged Animals, Crushed Out, Kissing Is A Crime and Rosy Street at Shea Stadium

Attending a summer show with four New York City bands at Shea Stadium.

Cy Dune 50 Drums at Coco66

Cy Dune performs with fifty drummers. How did they fit all those people plus an audience?

Cy Dune and MEMS at Pianos

Cy Dune and MEMS at Pianos for a night of side projects!

White Mystery in Chicago

Expect to see lots of red hair.

The Loom at Mercury Lounge

The Loom wove sonic sculptures for you.

Now People at El Local

I don't even want to think about how hot a Puerto Rican DIY venue would get.


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