Cy Dune and MEMS at Pianos

Post Author: , Carly Sioux

On Tuesday, September 3rd, Cy Dune and MEMS played Pianos in New York City. Cy Dune is Seth Olinsky from Akron/Family while MEMS featured Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and Ofir Ganon. Ofir Ganon explained the basis of MEMS:

MEMS is a project I started in July. The concept is to start a new band every month with a bunch of my musician friends, who are mostly in other bands; so MEMS, as in members of other bands. Every month starting in August, I perform one show each month with the people that I put together and wrote material for that specific month with those specific members.

If MEMS sounds like something you'd like to experience in person, their next show will be at Bowery Electric in early October.

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Cy Dune and MEMS at Pianos for a night of side projects!