Liz Pelly

{ Liz Pelly is a Contributing Editor at Impose. }

Liz Pelly is a Contributing Editor at Impose. She was formerly the Senior Editor. She also runs the ad-free bi-weekly publication The Media.


Liz Pelly's Posts

Stef Chura, “Slow Motion”

A pink bathroom party visualizes her collab with Molly Soda and Fred Thomas.

Alice Cohen’s house of mirrors

Department store pop.

Birthed Not Built: U.S. Girls Talks Springsteen, Snowden, and “Half Free”

Meghan Remy: “If you have an iPhone, you’re half free.”

Forever goth:
Brandon Stosuy’s path to Basilica

A chat with the Pitchfork editor on the eve of the Hudson festival.

Priya Ray’s Completely Tilted Back

The Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa member talks about her new photography book and making art to empower disabled people.

Alice Cohen, “Backwards”

An outer-space meditation on materialism and identity.

Antibodies, “absalom”

A new song from the newest Don Giovanni band.

Music and mass surveillance culture

Two years of post-Snowden songs.

Spoonboy moves on

David Combs reflects on a decade of personal-political music, and the conversations you can open through songwriting.

The art and influence of punk flyers, as told through Louisville

A look inside Drag City’s new book, White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978–1994.

Heaven’s Gate, “Amanda Berry”

The horrifying first single from Woman at Night. TW: assault, violence.

Tenement, “Hive of Hives”

Track 20 of 25 from the Wisconsin trio’s forthcoming double album.

Watch Killer Mike talk hip-hop history on ‘Biller Maher’

Plus, the powerful new Run the Jewels “Early” video.

Circuit des Yeux, “Do The Dishes”

The most explicitly feminist cut from In Plain Speech.

Fred Thomas, “Cops Don’t Care Pt. II”

From his eighth full-length, All Are Saved.

TRANS FX, “Why I’m Not Where You Are”

Skating around to the upcoming Perennial/K record.

Downtown Boys, “Wave of History”

Know your enemy. Know your context.

Broken Water, “1984”

Using public surveillance footage to visualize a song about surveillance culture.

Stream Tomboy’s debut album, Sweetie

Stream the entire album, out now on Ride the Snake Records.


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