Black Asteroid, Thrust

Bryan Black, aka Black Asteroid, is a producer with a wide range of accomplishments under his belt. He’s produced for Prince, and he was also one half of the the duo known as MOTOR. His style is completely unique and his own, and he isn’t slowing down any time soon. In fact, his new 10 track album Thrust just came out today, and we have some thoughts.
Beginning with the title track, which exists at just a minute forty-five and is comprised of intense bass and a little bit of dissonant percussion, you can tell Thrust is a heavy hitter from the get go. “Black Moon” sticks with a darker – almost thriller-type – vibe and features the musical stylings of Cold Cave – who is featured twice more on the album-, which make it into a very ambient club track.

Prior to the album’s release, his latest offering was a music video for third track “Howl,” which features Zola Jesus. This video has some really cool visuals, and it’ll instantly grab your attention. It is all black and white, with only flashes of a bluish teal scattered through the video. The track itself is rhythmic and intense.
But that’s not a new thing, and – at its release – was only a precursor to how the album would unfold. Heavy in bass and replete with the quirky sounds of electronic instrumentals, Thrust is bound to leave an impression. Fifth track and crowd favorite “Tangiers” features Michele Lamy, and is – in our opinion, at the very least – insanely perfect for a late night set at a music festival in the middle of nowhere.
Our favorite, however, of all the songs is eighth track “Moon”, which brings with it a very dark, Bowie electro-vibe with its lyrical preaching and whirring sound effects. But if we’re truly being honest, you can play this album from start to finish at a dance party and totally sweat your ass off while getting glimpses of artful substance. And it’s intoxicating.
For more of his music, check out Black Asteroid’s Soundcloud page here.