Golden Bear, Dimensional Place

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

On September 15th, Austin’s rock collective Golden Bear released their new eight track album Dimensional Place on September 15th. It’s the perfect record to enjoy on a laid back afternoon, as the sunshine of summertime wanes and we start sippin’ on cider. Our thoughts below.

“Let my Love Come Down” comes in with a blend of lightweight 80’s magic and an indie rock slow jam feel to it. “Spells” has some vintage, staccato, video game aspects to it sound-wise, but its pace is a bit quicker than the first track. By the time you reach “Telephone”, you’re not sure exactly what to expect. Lyrics like “I hate these lonely nights, when nothing’s going right in my head” make you realize this is a call for attention, but in the “old fashioned” style of a phone call. “Whole Nuthr Level” is perhaps slower than all of its predecessors, with a very late 70’s/early 80’s smooth jams flow to the instrumentals. It’s definitely one of those songs you can file away into your “making love” playlist.

The fifth track picks the tempo up a bit, with percussion leading it and hooking you in. The lyrics nod toward confusion, calling into question more existential questions about life’s purpose, while simultaneously admitting to being “Difficult”. (But aren’t we all?) “Big City Magic” might be our favorite track off the album, the percussion being a little more earthy and setting the tone of a very chill atmosphere. Where that song might lead us to a calming place, “Over & Over” is an energizing song, with lyrics fawning over a romantic interest. The high regard with which we praise the entire album is notable, but the last song is absolutely magical. “Heartdancer” doesn’t claim any type of perfection, but simply allows them to address the fact that no matter what they might fail at, they can “move like nobody you have ever seen.”

Claim it. Own it. Live it.

If you want a great transitional album, Dimensional Place is available now.