Loose Tooth, Big Day

Justin Hernandez

Loose Tooth, Big Day [Lame-O and Father/Daughter]

Big Day is the latest record from Philadelphia’s indie rockers Loose Tooth. “Sleep With the State Concept” kicks off the album with a bit of crunchy pop and a joyously meandering instrumental breakdown that stumbles into some new genre of modern indie dance jazz. “Garlic Soup” follows with its buoyant verses and choruses’ squalls. By the time things have all but descended into a shipwreck, things come screaming back to the surface for an explosive outro.

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“Lisa Lives” and “Free Skate” both clock in at under two minutes and while the former is an instrumental piece with a dusky retro glow, the latter is a soaring, catchy rocker. The range of Big Day is really on display in the second half of the record as the dark moodiness of “Roach Motel” lurks in stark contrast to the spacey funk instrumental “Dog Year.”

Big Day spans a variety of moods, tones, and tempos, oftentimes in the same song. The album closer “Fish Boy” wraps things up dramatically as it delves deep for heavy jams while still reaching impressive heights of melody amid and through chaos.

Big Day is out now as a co-release on Lame-O and Father/Daughter Records. You can follow Loose Tooth on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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