Justin Hernandez

Justin M. Hernandez is a native of Chicago’s South Side who now resides in San Diego, CA. He spends his free time working on music, screenplays, and other writings. Justin earned his Bachelor’s of English Arts from Governor’s State University in Illinois and his Juris Doctor from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in California.

Justin Hernandez's Posts

Industry’s Future Revealed at Techstars Music Demo Day

This is the new future of fandom and music.

She-Devils, She-Devils

TATRAN, “Eyes”

Playful symbolism.

Justus Proffit, “Fly”

An understated dreamlike video that beautifully compliments the tune’s dreamy shuffle.

Michael Beharie, Voices

A blend of urban, folk, and electronic tunes featuring an eclectic array of vocalists.

Loose Tooth, Big Day

A variety of moods, tones, and tempos.

Moon Duo, Occult Architecture Vol. 2

Transports the listener to a divine space.

Sheer, Psychic Quarry

Alt rock dream pop that bristles and sparkles with emotion.

Ane, Bitan

Sultry, soulful R & B for love hangovers.

Cattle & Cane, Mirrors

A fresh reflection of folk rock and roll influences.

Stromboli, Volume Uno

Haunting industrial tracks that create atmosphere and emotion.

Jack Propane, Other Worlds

An artist unfettered.

Curved Light, Reversion

A grand score for modern digital life.

Moon Duo, Occult Architecture Vol. 1

A cold bite to it not unlike the iciest of winds.

Dune Rats, The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit

An album of swaggering punk rock party anthems.

Lindenfield, Season of Death

Wistful optimism.

Curved Light, “Blush Response”

A sensual and steely bit of digital emotion

Jack Propane, “Riverside Drive”

A bassy, sweaty anthem for long, dark nights and dusky mornings.

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, 30,000 Miles

Live and loud rootsy blues rock jams.


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