Yellow Shoots, “Stormy Weather”

Justin Hernandez

“Stormy Weather” is the new video for the track of the same name from Greg Matthews, perhaps better known as Yellow Shoots. From Brooklyn by way of Philadelphia, Matthews is an eclectic talent who has already had quite a storied career as a guitarist and collaborator with many musicians. Now, as Yellow Shoots, he has set his sights on making atmospheric R & B tinged with rock, jazz, and electronic music.


Yellow Shoots (so named due to Matthews’ ability to see sounds in the color yellow-a condition known as synesthesia) has already released an EP of diverse and layered pop and “Stormy Weather” is the promising next step down that same sonic path. The tune is a dusky, slow burn of a song that flickers and shudders with emotion and style. Before even a single lyric is uttered, “Stormy Weather” has already conveyed much through its stirring instrumentation.

The video for “Stormy Weather”, directed by Aly Migliori, captures the spirit of the song marvelously. Centered around Yellow Shoots’ performance of the tune, the video is an intimate look at the band as they play the song in the midst of lingering grays and blues. From the sounds of fingers on a fretboard to the emotive vocals, the track and video touch upon the human aspects of “Stormy Weather” and in doing the song and video comes alive in an ethereal way as if the song and its performance were all taking place within a raincloud or bit of instrumentation itself.

Yellow Shoots’ second album is due out later this year. You can follow Yellow Shoots on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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