Pure Moods, Pure Moods

Justin Hernandez

photo by Danny Cohen

Melbourne’s Pure Moods are releasing their self-titled debut LP this Friday on Deaf Ambitions, but Impose has your U.S. premiere today. With Pure Moods the album, Pure Moods the trio of Adam Madric on guitar, Wyatt Knowles on bass, and Alex Lashlie on drums have created a full, lush soundscape in the grand tradition of power trios. From a shimmering sea of chorus laden guitars and a pronounced bass to crashing waves of distortion against a shuffling bed of percussion, Pure Moods is dynamic guitar driven pop at its most intimate and grand.

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Pure Moods opens with the warm guitars and longing vocals of “Nicky”. From there, the bouncy Brit-pop of “Blurb” follows with its bright bass walking up and down its chorus. “Elisa Lam” is a rocking ballad inspired by, according to Madric, the disappearance and death of Elisa Lam. According to Madric he had the purest of intentions with regards to the song’s serious subject matter and there is plenty of gravitas in the hauntingly powerful tune to back that up.

The crisp, clean bass lines of Wyatt Knowles punctuate a number of songs on Pure Moods with their compelling melodies and “From My Pocket” and “Open Book” showcase this beautifully. On the mostly instrumental “Untitled” vocals float along over silvery guitar strings, a soaring bass, and rollicking percussion. It is on such tunes like “Untitled”, “Dolphin Interlude”, or the album’s closer “Bubble Boy” that Pure Moods displays Pure Moods’ ability to literally create moods, but also create entire sonic environments from their full, emotive compositions and deft instrumentation.

Pure Moods will be released November 4 on Melbourne’s Deaf Ambitions, but is available for pre-order now. You can follow Pure Moods on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.


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