Sundayman, “Alive”

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Sundayman, the Greek born and based producer and composer, has recently released Scene Missing, his third solo album and Impose has your exclusive first look at the video for “Alive” off the album. Directed by Aggeliki Hatzi, “Alive” is a striking and moody video that matches the feel of the song beautifully with visuals that at times punctuate and express the lyrics literally.

As a veteran composer of music for films, television, and commercials Sundayman has a great deal of experience creating works that complement visuals while also maintaining a narrative in and of themselves. The video for “Alive” is the inverse of this as it tells a visual tale involving honey and the transport of bees against the stark backdrop of a desert lake at the foot of a mountain.

As the video unfolds with stylish aplomb, the seductive tune adds atmosphere and depth to the mysterious narrative of the visuals. There is a danger and edge to the video that is furthered by the stirring crescendo of the song. And just as a winding desert road can become hypnotic, inducing mirages and the like, so do the visuals of “Alive” play a bit with pareidolia as a stack of crates seem to have faces staring out at the listener. Or perhaps that is more in the mind and eyes of this particular reviewer, but in any case the video is one that will undoubtedly tell a number of different tales to each viewer as its winding, honey dripping narrative spins its yarn with each view.

“Alive” is the first video from Sundayman’s latest album Scene Missing out now on Inner Ear Records. You can follow Sundayman on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.