Sinless, Melodie

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Sinless is back with Melodie, their follow-up to last year’s Ethereality. While the four track EP is primarily a solo effort from Sinless frontman Cor Allen, it is nevertheless a marvelous step forward in the same direction started by the band on Ethereality. Recorded entirely in Allen’s bedroom, Melodie is an expansive, genre blurring record that distills decades worth of pop and rock into a four song set.

Melodie opens with “Cool”, a breezy track featuring a dreamy keyboard line, thrumming bass, and jangly guitars. The vintage inspired instrumentation and vocal harmonies are heard through a modern filter as distorted guitars and electronic touches adorn the track. While Ethereality delved into retro Brit-pop, Melodie recalls ‘60’s American surf-pop and “Cool” exemplifies this vibe the most.

The album’s second track “The Long Look You Gave Me” expands upon the electronic moments of the EP’s opener, while maintaining its blissful chill. Allen expertly creates a cohesive vibe on Melodie with songs that seem to drift along the warm tropical air of a cabana somewhere. “Strange Reality” is a falsetto indie jazz shuffle that features a sublime outro of a pulsing bass and vortex of bubbling tones to draw the listener further into the beautiful, beachy Sinless world of psychedlia.

“You’re So Fey” is summer (and Melodie) in its final moments: all sepia toned sunshine and sand. It is Beach Boys harmonies over seafoam fuzz and heavy percussion while looking romantically back at the genre spanning work done on Melodie. While Sinless debut full-length is due out next year, Melodie is a marvelous offering to bide the time until then with its four songs all having the catchiness and relistenability of a single.

Melodie is due out October 28 on Curly Cassettes. You can follow Sinless on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.