Pearl Crush, First Blush/Semiprecious Stone

Justin Hernandez

Pearl Crush, First Blush/Semiprecious Stone [Poison Moon Records]

Pearl Crush, the solo project of the multi-talented Mandy Kim Clinton, has released a 7” single with enough sunny pop to last until summer. Pearl Crush is, according to Mandy Kim Clinton herself, “an exploration of identity and emotional expression through carefully composed pop songs.” Their latest Pearl Crush 7” continues this exploration through the blissful, jangly pop of “First Blush” and retro fuzz of “Semiprecious Stone”.

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“First Blush” bubbles to life with silvery strummed guitars and driving percussion upon which luminous synths, vocal harmonies, and more guitars are layered. The result is pristine, shiny pop in contrast to the rougher edges of “Semiprecious Stone”. More of a rocker than it’s A-Side, “Semiprecious Stone” is a dynamic tune balances plenty of pop flash with its droning, distorted guitar solos and cascading vocals.

The First Blush/Semiprecious Stone 7” from Pearl Crush drops this February on Houston’s Poison Moon Records and you can pre-order it here. You can can follow Pearl Crush on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

Pearl Crush will also be performing a record release party February 18, 2017 at Wired Up in Houston, TX.

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