She-Devils, She-Devils

Justin Hernandez

She-Devils, She-Devils [Secretly Canadian]

She-Devils is the sizzling debut album from the band of the same name out this Friday. Opening with “Come”, a bit of psychedelic pop shimmying straight out of the Sixties, She-Devils is a raucous record loaded with timeless cool. “Hey Boy” spins a seductive web of shimmering, seductive spy rock and roll sure to capture the listener’s attention.  “Make You Pay” follows by dialing up the femme fatale elements while adding all the surf malaise of a moon drenched beach. Meanwhile, “Darling” would fit in perfectly scoring a game of beach blanket bingo in that very same sand the next morning.

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“How Do You Feel” finds the She-Devils’ chanteuse dreamily singing a torch song readymade for wistful walks along the boardwalk, remembering romances just out of reach. “Blooming” explores vast choral expanses like something out of indie rock Motown while “You Don’t Know” has the darling shuffle of a country and western crossover hit from some golden, bygone era.

So goes the swath cut by the She-Devils in the history of popular music on their eponymous debut: a vintage and vital record that bridges decades and genres. She-Devils is a confident introduction of the band’s skill and swagger to the music world and a record that will no doubt continue to sound both fresh and familiar until their next.

She-Devils drops tomorrow on Secretly Canadian Records and available for pre-order now. You can follow the She-Devils on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, and on their website at


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