Negative Gemini, “Don’t Worry Bout the Fuck I’m Doing”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Negative Gemini, also known as Lindsey French from Brooklyn, NY, has had a busy year. After releasing her EP “Real Virtual Unison” in 2015, she has gone on to play alongside names such as Charlie XCX, SOPHIE, Dilly Dally, and Teklife in March at the Gorilla vs. Bear SXSW Showcase, which got publicity from Billboard and Getty Images. In May, she performed at Together Boston Festival and was also named one of the Boston Globe’s Artists to Catch. 

Negative Gemini’s latest track, “Don’t Worry Bout the Fuck I’m Doing” is as wonderful as you’d expect from the title. Her sound is hypnotic with a futuristic, spacey vibe that is suitable for dancing or just walking down the streets. With a strong electronic beat, this song expresses Lindsey’s frustration and anger with cat callers and a woman’s inability to go throughout their day without being harassed. This track is one giant fuck you to cat callers everywhere and has a message that is so necessary, because sexism is still a problem.

What makes this song even more essential is the fact that many cat callers don’t even think they’re doing anything wrong. When a woman bites back against the harassment of getting catcalled on the street, the abusers shoot back with something along the lines of, “this bitch can’t take a compliment.” When women stay silent, cat callers stay persistent, making women feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The fact that perpetrators think their insulting words are actually compliments is so sick and twisted, and needs to be stopped immediately. Women should be able to go throughout their day without having to worry about being harassed, just because they have a set of boobs.

On behalf of women everywhere, THANK YOU Negative Gemini, and may we all help to break the glass ceiling, one killer track at a time.

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