Ted's Dead, Rat King

Post Author: Emily Chu

A Brooklyn based punk band is making their way into the limelight. Ted’s Dead has just recently released their debut EP on May 19th, titled Rat King, and we’re pretty excited about it. According to the band’s bio, their music plays on contrasts, and that’s exactly what you get in this EP. It’s comprised of 5 different tracks, and here’s what we think.
The first track on the EP shares the same name as the EP — “Rat King.” This track some intense guitar lines and drums that keep the song moving forward. It balances between the line of organization and chaos, and it definitely stays true to their punk/goth sound.
The next song is called “Thoughts and Prayers.” This one relaxes the move ever so slightly in the beginning and then picks up again, while still keeping the intensity there. Catchy and repetitive guitar chords dominate the track and shouty vocals are at the center of attention.
The third track is “Fuck Trump,” and if that’s not a straightforward statement, then I don’t know what is. The song is angry and loud as they yell, “Fuck Trump Fuck Trump Fuck Trump Fuck,” and that’s basically everything you need to know about this track.
“Infestation” is the fourth song, and it’s different than the rest. It’s more of a quirky sound, a slightly different direction from the rest. The intense guitar lines are still present, but with more dynamic changes within the track, with more of a playful feel.
The last track on this EP is “Gut Rot.” The tempo picks up slightly, and the intensity is turned down in the beginning. It’s more of a barebones track comparative to the rest, but it surely picks up again after the first verse. This song is another definition of contrasting moods in one song, and we’re loving it.