We Love You So Bad – Kids on a Crime Spree

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Right out of the box, KOACS kicks things off with the Raveonettes-flavored “I Don’t Want To Call You Baby, Baby,” and the tone of the record is set.

From there, its loads of hazy, repetitive, buzzed-out riffing and snappy snare drumming as they display some familiar moves in the blurry, post-college radio rock of “Trumpet Of Death,” and the Jesus & Mary Chain-esque “Impasto.” They stay completely within that well-trodden territory, but add their own color on the more upbeat “Sweet Tooth,” and “Jean-Paul Sartre 2” shows off some decent NZ fuzz-pop influences.

There are semi- elusive hooks as they trade off on the male/female vocals. Like a kudzu vine, this stuff grows on you, and with eight songs clocking in at 21:02 there’s not a wasted note or syllable anywhere.