Hosanna in the Highest – Bozmo

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Bozmo's debut Hosanna in the Highest builds upon a strong pop base to explore the imminent darkness of growing up, employing anthems and elements of garage punk and folk. The album teems with skepticism, tinges of loneliness and the majority of the tracks are frenetic in energy, like opener “Milksnakes”, which puts the listener into the familiar corner for bad kids, patronizingly reminding one that he's “in middle school for life.” “Kill the Beast” and “Witchy Wu” continue in the same energetic vein, sounding like fables conceived by the unrestrained imaginations of the aforementioned children that have gotten themselves into trouble. Talk of conquering the wild beast Bozmo, winning the heart of a witch, or a life subjected to transparency alla “The Lonely Ghost” explore emotions that such children may not yet be able to articulate, but Bozmo (the band, not the beast) manages to do in a captivating, anthemic way.

“Maybe I'll See You” takes a slower turn with lead singer Bo Moore crooning over an acoustic guitar in hopes of one day reuniting with a familiar face on Mars. With an unexpected yet beautifully orchestral finish, “Little Bit” caps off Hosanna with a retrospective, sage advice on how to outgrow the juvenile mindset – taking everything just a little bit at a time.

Hosanna in the Highest is a composite exploration of anger, confusion, and romance with welcome variety; certainly better for reliving childhood emotions than watching sexually-subliminal Disney movies. It is self-released and available as a digital download on their bandcamp.