barack obama

JPEGMAFIA, “Man Purse”

A trip.

Chance The Rapper Isn’t A Blueprint for Indie Artists.

Many good things, but no playbook for indies.

Yonas Michael, “Mr. Black President”

Election Day music.

Bernie Sanders Rally in Washington Square Park

A future to believe in. At least for one more night.

EMA, “Active Shooter”

Potentially disturbing video to follow.

The Kevin Durant One-on-One Challenge

Who’s going to accept the challenge?

Open Letter to Post-Racial America Edition

Getting at the snakes, bagels, Fox News, racist Hollywood, and the President this week.

The Conservative meltdown will not be televised

Are these tweets funny or scary? You decide.

The Chain Letter Interviews Pt.III

Breaking it off with Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Heliotropes, and Calvin Love.

Tune-yards’ #TYChicksVote Twitter forum round-up

This forum will offer no conclusive voting sway, but it happened nonetheless.

The Chain Letter Interviews Pt.II

Mokaad, Jack Ladder and Psychic Twin never break the chain.

Obama Says The “G-Word” On The Daily Show

Remember Guantanamo Bay? The place where American legal traditions and actual people go to die?

Who won the VP debate?

Body language expert Dwayne Fingerston breaks down Biden & Ryan's mannerisms.

What Our Parents Had

Why the Democratic party's promise of a return to the middle class of yore is foul.

Tim Cohen's dream interpreted by Greer McGettrick

Dreaming of being Obama's sidekick and why it has to do with fitting in.

barack obama

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