bill baird

Week in Pop: Gary’s House, Keith More-Fire, Tee Vee

Indian Wells, Unkle Bob, Vast Robot Armies, Web of Sunsets, guest selections by Hoop.

Bill Baird Presents: The Magnetetractys

The experimental pop songwriter shows off his new creation.

20 Awkward Places to Wake Up: Bill Baird on touring

And the dubious advice on how to make the most of those awkward awakenings.

Bill Baird, “Soggy Soul”

Bill Baird sticks his heart in a microwave, clothes in a bonfire.

Win a pair of tickets to Phono Del Sol in SF

You’ll need your sharpest wit to potentially win two VIP or general admission tickets.

The Demo is the Record: Bill Baird on Recording

Bite not into the cake lest the cake bite back.

Premiere: Bill Baird, “Waited My Whole Life to Disappear”

A trip to India in reverse.

The Best Music of February 2014

The unlikely Brooklyn heroes of the month.

Week in Pop: Bear Hands, Intimatchine, Wake Up

Featuring exclusives from Kile Atwater, Shadow Shadow, & more.

Week in Pop: Curly Castro, James Wallace & the Naked Light, Prism House

Through the hypnagogic indie pop vortex we go.

Bill Baird's Brief History of Major Label Blah

On being the band that cost $18.98, burrito runs in limos, and seeking DIY refuge.

Bill Baird, or his editor, sent me a big package…

Sifting through the self-deprecation for a Rock and Roll godsend placed here to kick ass.

bill baird

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