33 1/3 Announces Open Call

Someone please write about Kate Bush.

That New New In Lit: November

A reading list of authors who do not crash into the garage on their way to the highway.

That New New in Lit: August

Let lit sustain you through the dog days of summer.

(Remembered) Books

An almost-top ten list that influenced Rudi Zygadlo's sophomore album.

Favorite Books of 2011

Fiction favorites, what.

Q&A with Joshua Mohr, author of Damascus

Why Santa is better than the Easter Bunny for covering up a Hitler mustache.

Mark Z.'s Serial Attempt

On Mark Z. Danielewski's new novel plan

Q&A w/ Mel Bosworth, author of Freight

It all ends with pancakes.

Moby Dick in pictures

Art for every page of the epic fish tale.

What To Read (Right Now) XXXIII: Inside Pee Wee's Playhouse

The unofficial, definitive history.

What to listen to right now XXXII: Other People Podcast with Brad Listi

Literary life marginalia in audio form.

Q&A w/ Megan Boyle

Every other lie is true.

Codex Gchat: The Art of Fielding

Somewhere Westish of Melville.

Indexing the Occupy Wall St. Library

Only one anarchist cookbook? What can you make with that?

Judging 20 lit mag names

I've never read these, but I know what they're about.

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