Cozz Drops Kendrick and Cole features from upcoming album

Cozz lets out a couple high-profile teasers before the album’s release.

Wet Hot American Summer Edition

5 degrees warmer than your average rapper.

Pre-Magna Carta Holy Grail Edition

Before Jay-Z shuts things down again, five top rhymers snuck in solid bars.

The New York vs. New Orleans Edition

New York rap giants go up against some not-so saintly New Orleans rappers.

Curren$y at S.O.B.s

NOLA's Curren$y sells out SOBs and brings the house down with lots of special guests.

Week in Pop: CHURCHES, DaVinci, Leisure Birds, Main Attrakionz, ManCub, Shady Blaze

Bringing you a feel good winter week's worth of music.

The Top 5: Heavy with 80's references

E.T., St. Elmo's Fire, and the Beasties go up against Boots Riley's afro.

From rosaries to gold ropes, we present the Top 5

From the bottom of Spin to the Top 5 in rap lyrics. How does he do it?

Week in Pop: Blazed Out, Natural Child, VerBS

We’re listening to everything new, including a hot cloud rap debut.

Week in Pop: Dark Materials, Jeans Wilder, Onuinu

Exploring the the week's pop overload.

Curren$y & Styles P, The 1st 28

Just.Enjoy.This.Shit, FOOL!

Dom Kennedy & Curren$y at the beach

We can't find "Hennessy Beach" on the map, but we'd still like to go there.

Week in Pop: Woods, Curren$y, Brilliant Colors

156 million + YouTube views and all I got was this stupid billboard.


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