Week in Pop: Ess Ford, Janice, Terri Terri

Ditches, Scallops Hotel, Warpark, guest selections by phem.

Stream Citymouth’s Astrocentric cassette

Soundpieces from the Pacific Northwest.

The Best Music of July 2014

A month rich in concepts, conceits, and backstory.

Matthewdavid the Adult

On fatherhood, R&B, and the future.

Dropping Gems

The Portland-based electronica label named after a Gang Starr lyric.

Week in Pop: Flashlights, Pac Div, sayknowledge, The Townhouses

Wading through storms, rising from the waters and reflecting on the music.

Matthewdavid, Producers In 2012 Learn To Spread Love

This is how we choose to remember Rick James as well: tamer of leopards.

Lucky Dragons, “Existers (Matthewdavid remix)”

Exploring the limits of the human body through yoga, mystical travel and aura.

Making New Noise in Osaka

Building an electronic party scene in unknown DIY territory.

Matthewdavid, “#5 (Feat. Eola)”

A CDR inside of a floppy disk containing music of the 24th century.

The best music of March 2012

It's like a tossed music salad.

Matthewdavid, Jewelry

Follow the leader.

Week in Pop: Charlie Megira & the Modern Dance Club, Mwahaha, Rhyton

Forgetting the trendz and keeping our eye on the pop.

Serengeti & Matthewdavid's Davis tape

A limited tape release with the potential to be a collector's item.


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