Yellow Fever, Bermuda Triangle

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In an
excitement only approximated by the Strange
Boys live performance
a few months back is news that fellow Austin dwellers
YellowFever (that’s one word now ya’ll) have put out a self-released tour EP
called Bermuda Triangle. Greater
still is that they have been performing with local SF darlings Thee Oh Sees who
have been sorta accompanying them on their national Summer 2010 tour. Given how
much we
the not-too-long-ago release of the YellowFever self-titled LP on the Vivian Girl’s Wide World label and their
dedicated performances
at this year’s SXSW festival; a new release only invites further excitement.

The duo
drums up a slightly spooky post-punk bit of breathy melodic coos on the title
track, “Bermuda Triangle:” “Around the earth, we’re falling down, the gas is
gone the plane is out of control…” And then the “ool” sound is repeated three
times a-la your favorite Dadaist mantra of the minute. YellowFever posses a
dynamic that thrives on the creation of synergistic progressions that make them
the “must hear” band this summer.

Follow Yellow Fever to the following destinations:
09 Portland, OR – East End
10 Olympia, WA – Northern
12 Vancouver, BC – Honey
13 Seattle, WA – Cairo
14 Provo, UT – The Compound
15 Denver, CO – Rhinoceropolis
16 Albuquerque, NM – Wunderkind
17 Lubbock, TX – Bash Riprocks