moniker records

Reverence, Live Exorcism 2017

The most personal a cappella project you’ve ever heard. Or seen. Literally.

Sin Asps, “Moog Suicide”

An electronic track with that “preternatural” vibe

Lil Tits, “Circus”

How pissed off is pissed off?

Mardou, “June”

Re [vived/born/freshed/juvenated] after this song

Week in Pop: Go Dark, Try The Pie, Tuff Sunshine, Val Hollie

Correatown, Dreamcrusher, Moonsocket, ONO, The Maguires, Polygrains, Yuzima, Dirty Ghosts guests.

Week in Pop: 14KT, Co-pilgrim, Dap City, ONO, White Laces

Adult Bodies, Head Over Heart, Kooley High, Liphemra, Slaughter Beach, & Alex G guest selects.

Week in Pop: Barleaux, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Shade

Ars Phoenix, Bluelily, Jimmy Turturici, Major Murphy, Social Studies, The Wyrms, ft. Childbirth.

Toupée, “Mommy Is a Mummy”

Toupée find a raw, terrifying beauty in their first music video.

Toupee, “Sensei, Swami, Guru”

Mental breakdowns in the face of ennui.

Stream the Gel Set b/w Stacian split 12″ Vorhees

A dark, synthwave split from two Midwestern minimalists.

Reviews: Skiggy Rapz, Eksi Ekso, The Kingsbury Manx

From art pop inspired by serial killers to Dutch rappers on Texas labels.

Beyond the “Beautiful Park” with Rollin Hunt

"…almost all the songs are about dividing. Both physical and psychic divides."

Week in Pop: Baobab, Chalk And Numbers, Expensive Looks, Polytype, Soft Riot

Collecting the past 7 days worth of sounds from the stages, studios, and bedrooms.

Lazy, “Childhood Wonder”

The Lazy, Knot Lazy, Lazy K, whatever they're called.

Week in Pop: Nissim, Pressed And, Solar Year, Turnip King

Bringing the brightening, beatification of beats, bliss, & endless arrays of encouragement.

moniker records

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