porcelain raft

Week in Pop: Exit Someone, Girl Scout, Treatment

Beth Bombara, Camp Candle, Zavala, guest selections by Slothrust.

Wild Beasts, Porcelain Raft at the Music Hall of Williamsburg


Porcelain Raft, “Distant Shore”

Remeddi’s vocals reach out for pop stratospheres never attempted on previous releases.

Week in Pop: Crushed Out, Night Riders, Plum Professional, Sims

Emperor X, Lawn, Permit, Rosebug, guest selections by Skinny Girl Diet.

Porcelain Raft, Skyler Skjelset, and Crater at Baby’s All Right

Mauro Remiddi, a.k.a. Porcelain Raft, celebrates being Half Awake in Brooklyn.

Week in Pop: DTCV, Iris Lune, The Naturalists

Brooks Brown, Cusses, Such Hounds, Superheaven, TheUse, guest selections by Sadie Dupuis.

Porcelain Raft, Dave Harrington Group, Excepter, and more at Cameo Gallery

Buscabulla, who performed at this show, took their name from a Spanish slang term that means “troublemaker.”

REQUIEM Showcase at 285 Kent

Wait, what's going on in those YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN pictures?

Porcelain Raft and Sarah Neufeld at Mercury Lounge

We caught Porcelain Raft's final show of his fall tour at Mercury Lounge in Manhattan.

Week in Pop: Clear Soul Forces, CC/NN, Grand Resort, My Red Dress, RedRedRed, Street Gnar

The new Detroit school, Kenny Loggins 2.0, memories found, SF indie risers, Kentucky fried kicks.

Week in Pop: Antwon, Boat Club, Worthless

The Bay Area's #1 Nature Boy, Gothenburg futurism reloaded, Brooklyn psych tribes + more.

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry 2013: Night 1

The brothers from The National curate a festival in Brooklyn. We've got photos from the first night.

Youth Lagoon, Porcelain Raft and Cemeteries at Music Hall of Williamsburg

If you take a Porcelain Raft into a Youth Lagoon, you may end up in Cemeteries.

Week in Pop: Charlie Megira & the Modern Dance Club, Mwahaha, Rhyton

Forgetting the trendz and keeping our eye on the pop.

Week in Pop: Chip tha Ripper, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Madlib, Wymond Miles

Bringing you the week's litter of scary rats and hip cats.

porcelain raft

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